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When I was hired to teach moral theology at a Catholic High School, two facts were evident:

  • Nobody else wanted the job – they dreaded teaching a course that students would hate and find irrelevant to their lives.
  • I was willing but not qualified to teach it – I had not degree in theology, and no experience teaching religion beyond teaching catechesis as a college student.

So I set out to discover a program that would teach me how to teach morality to my students in a way that meant something to them. And this is when I discovered a horrible truth. There are so few options for adults who want to grow in their faith!

The little that is available to us leave much to be desired:

  • They are academic & heady – written by theologians for theologians
  • They are offered only on their terms – their schedule, their pace, their methods
  • They teach you the faith but not how to live it!
  • They require more commitment in time and energy than most adults can give while also dealing with family, work, and other obligations.

I finally settled on a master’s degree program. God led me to the perfect program for me. More than just an academic course of study, the Institute of Pastoral Theology taught me how to use the knowledge I was gaining to deepen my lived faith.

Through this master’s degree, I rediscovered morality for my self and for my students. I came to see morality not as a set of rules that we must follow to avoid God’s wrath (as most of my students assumed I saw it) and not as a mere decision-making process that helps us to stay true to our inner values (as my textbook portrayed it). Instead, I came to see morality as participation in God’s wisdom and in his plan to make us the children he created us to be.

I started teaching this way to my high school students and suddenly students were saying that morality was their favorite class. Some students who came into the class as atheists embrace the faith by the end of the class. And students were hearing about the moral truth in a way they have never heard it before – as something they can use to find God’s will for their lives and to find true happiness.

And that’s the way I teach everything now. I am offering you – and all Catholic adults – this same kind of teaching. In every course you take from me, you’ll learn not only the true teachings of the Catholic Church, but how to apply those teachings to your life so that you can truly deepen your relationship with Jesus!

Not only that, but this isn’t just an educational program. In fact, I call it an online discipleship program. You and I will walk this journey together, along with anyone else we can get to join us. We’ll support each other in our efforts to grow in our faith. We’ll cheer each other on as we meet our goals. We’ll enjoy the peace and the love as a community of Christ as we deepen our relationship with Christ.

So how is From the Abbey different from other Catholic adult education programs out there?

  • Immediate Application – you will learn doctrine and theology just like you would in the other programs, but you will learn it as strategy for living a life with Jesus at the center.
  • Learn On Your Time – While there will be some live events associated with these courses, even those will be offered as replays so you can watch them on your time. Everything in this course is on demand. You set the pace. You set your own schedule. I’ll make sure you don’t let it get lost in your busy life. You choose when and where to fit it in.
  • Learn Your Way – Are you a reader? Do you prefer to learn from video? Do you need to put what you learn into practice right away? Would you like to listen to lessons in your car or during a workout? Or maybe you learn best by discussing ideas with other people. All of these modes of learning will be offered in every class. You choose what works for you! You can even set your favorite mode of learning to make it easier to find in your class menu.
  • Focused on Relationship – everything we do at From the Abbey has the goal of deepening your relationship with Jesus. It’s all about relationship. That’s where true happiness and fulfillment lie. So that’s where we focus our energy.

Join me now for a free online course called the Keys to Spiritual Growth. This course will begin our journey together as we explore our “inner abbey” and find the keys to unlock the rooms. Just enter your name and email address below and begin this adventure of spiritual growth!